How does this benevolent being summarise himself into a short biography? By not being too serious, of course. 

From a small age, performance has been his dole, always yearning to present himself in front of a crowd and embodying a character of sorts. Born in Paris but raised in Singapore, he was fortunate enough to have learned English where he can now allure his audience in both languages. He received his training (and much needed discipline) at the Lasalle College of the Arts, where he truly found his colours as an actor and has flourished ever since.

Lecat has already revelled the stage in many different ways. Donning the mad crown as Macbeth, cross dressing in Top Girls, clowning in Scorched and breaking the fourth wall in Revolutionary Plays 2.0, he has stapled his name in Singapore. Now, he wants to do the same in Melbourne and pretty much all over the globe… The name is Lecat, Raphael Lecat. Meow.